Our Story

handcrafted by local artisans

Metric Forrest Studio is a jewelry studio located in Madison, WI.  Our collections tell their own story, each inspired by our mission to create beautiful jewelry for your everyday. All handmade, one at a time in the USA, our trendy and classic designs provide something for everyone. At the Studio, we believe earrings are a great way to dress up any outfit and are a simple way to feel beautiful. 



Our Imagine and Eclectic Earth lines have become well-known and loved brands by the Madison community and nationally. These brands can be found at the Whole Foods Market, natural food stores and gift shops around the country.

Our Imagine jewelry is more of an earthy and boho line. Featuring beautiful charms with hand-etched copper, gold, silver, brass components. Accented with recycled glass, wood and birch bark, and semi-precious gemstones for everyday style. 

Our Eclectic Earth jewelry is our shiny and sparkly line. We use gold, sterling silver, copper, and brass charms, glass and semi-precious gemstones to create beautiful, stylish designs that are both trendy and classic. 

Our History

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In 2019, Forrest Voedisch purchased and created what is now known as Metric Forrest Studio. She will continue to design for the two

well-loved brands Imagine and

Eclectic Earth and add to the collections with trendy and classic styles. A new high-end line of jewelry will be added in 2020, and a future Madison retail store. 

Formerly known as Blue Hill By Hand, Metric Forrest Studio was started by Scott Lesh and Laura Crawford in 2000 with a mission to design unique jewelry that was environmentally friendly and fun to wear. They started the unique business model by creating jobs for the local community.

In 2009, Kristin Yates of Gift Closet LLC purchased the business and gave the company a new life. She had a love for jewelry design and metalwork that allowed the brand to expand its designs. Many of the earring designs now look like wearable art and are truly one of a kind. 

Forrest Voedisch, Owner & Lead Designer

Meet   the Artists

Our staff designs, sources materials, prepares kits, insures quality, maintains inventory, and packs and ships our products. We have a unique manufacturing process in that we prepare kits, 20 to 50 items at at time, for local artisans to pick up and return completed. Every item is made by hand one-at-a-time. Our artists are students, stay-at-home moms, people with disabilities, refugee families, teens, retirees, and members of diverse ethnic groups within our community.  

All of our metal components used in our jewelry are made in the studio by local artists. We have a order 100 different earring designs at any one time, more than half of all our pieces are made in our in-house metal studio.  We use a variety of raw metals, including copper, brass, nickel silver and sterling silver. Most of our pieces are etched. We use a process of first stamping the metal with a design, next acid etching the metal with a permanent design. From there we add some color to the metal. We have several coloring techniques including patinas, flame painting, alcohol inks, and enameling.  Once we have our designs, and color on the metal we custom cut our shapes one at a time. Those are either hand cut or punched using a variety of disc cutters. From there some of our pieces are domed in a doming block giving them a nice curve.  Some pieces get hammered or run through a rolling mill to add texture. The final step is to add beautiful beads and the perfect findings,  to make them unique and one of a kind earrings! 

Behind the Scenes