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Copper Goddess Energy Nacklace

Copper Goddess Energy Nacklace

With the many challenges of life, the Goddess Energy Necklace can help to heal old wounds, protect againest negative energy and draw in love. Will also help to strengthen personal and professional manifestations.

Can be worn daily as a necklace or bracelet.


To activate the stones and feel the energy use this mantra when putting on and taking off the necklace - free mantra with each necklace


Moonstone - Protection, intuition and  helps with stress

Citrine - Energizing, optimism and sucess

Labradorite - Balance, clarity and protects aura

Amethyst - Spiritual, meditation and lucid dreams

Carnelian - Courage, crative and sexual energy

Rose Quartz - Love, emotional and heart healing

Herkimer Diamond - Amplifies vibrational energy of all stones


Length: 29 inches


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