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Mini Self Love Cleansing Kit

Mini Self Love Cleansing Kit

Self Love Cleansing Kit is perfect for cleansing your energy, negative feelings, situations, and obstacles. Includes everything needed to perform the ritual. Every item has been chosen for its specific properties. Crystal moons vary!

- Self Love Mantra
- Crystal Moon
- Palo Santo sticks (4")
- Selenite (2.5")
- Clear Quartz

Palo Santo: Purifies spiritually and energetically. Helps with restoring tranquility. This Palo Santo is ethically sourced from fallen trees in Ecuador.

Selenite: Helps with cleansing negative energy, cleansing the aura, cleansing negative spaces, and clearing blocked energy. It also enhances purification.

Clear Quartz: Aids in cleansing and purification, clarifying thoughts and beliefs, and balancing body-mind-spirit.

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